Current Planning


Responsibilities of the Current Planning Team include coordination, review, and analysis of development applications requiring discretionary review, including rezonings, special use permits, and variances. The Current Planning Team prepares staff reports and makes presentations to the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals, under the supervision and direction of the department Director. Additionally, the Current Planning Team coordinates the review and approval of subdivision plats.

Other responsibilities of the Current Planning Team include:

  • Conducts pre-application conferences with applicants and developers to review conceptual development plans and relevant local and State planning and zoning regulations
  • Supervises and manages the application process for various land use and development applications, including application submittal, advertising, and public notification requirements
  • Coordinates and conducts Development Review Team meetings, and collects and synthesizes comments from various local and state agencies related to pending land use and development applications
  • Oversees updating of the county’s official zoning map, including associated proffers and conditions

Parcel & Zoning Information

To look up information on a parcel or determine the zoning district, you can use the Comprehensive Parcel Viewer.

To learn more about your zoning district's lot and use regulations, look up the correct zoning district under The Franklin County Code of Ordinances.

Questions or Concerns

Should there be any other questions or concerns regarding rezoning, special use permits, variances, or regulations, citizens should call 540-483-3027.