Development Review

The measure of any great civilization is in its cities, and the measure of a city's greatness is to be found in the quality of its public spaces, parks, and squares.

John Ruskin


Responsibilities of the Development Review Team include the development, administration and enforcement of the:

The Development Review Team also performs site compliance inspections for commercial and residential sites and works extensively with citizens and developers to resolve situations of non-compliance with adopted regulations.

Other responsibilities of the Development Review Team include:

  • Reviews and approves Subdivision, Mobile Home Park, Auto Graveyards, and Planned Unit Development Plans
  • Responds to public inquiries regarding land use location, existing zoning, and related matters
  • Receives complaints, investigates alleged violations, and enforces the zoning ordinance, sign regulations, subdivision regulations, and other County ordinances in accord with procedures prescribed by law
  • Inspects construction sites for compliance with approved site plans, subdivision plats, road construction plans, and erosion and sediment control plans
  • Reviews subdivision and site plan bonds and completed work in the field and makes recommendations for draw-down of bonds to finish uncompleted work or bond reductions for completed work
  • Provides procedural information to citizens and developers and accepts applications for site plans, erosion control plans, and other land development applications
  • Reviews sign permit applications, inspects sites, and issues sign permits

Questions or Concerns

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding any of the regulations or permits listed on this page, citizens should contact Ronald Wilson, Development Review Coordinator, by calling 540-483-3027, ext. 2429 or emailing Ronald.