Mission Statement

Our Core Values

The Office of the Sheriff believes that in order for any agency to truly succeed and make positive advancements, it must outline and make certain that its core values are clear to the members that represent it. The Sheriff has reinforced this concept through many different venues, and he continues to look for additional methods to promote values and "esprit de core" in the Department on a daily basis. Once such concept that was brought to fruition shortly after he took office was the seven-pointed star that associates seven different values to each point.

Our Mission Statement

Another method that the Sheriff placed emphasis on was the implementation of a mission statement that represents what the department stands for. This technique:

  • Provides a written declaration of the Department's core purpose
  • Spells out its overall objectives
  • Provides a path for its employees
  • Helps guide individuals in decision making

This statement is a constant reminder to both the deputies within the department and the citizens in which they serve. It consists of the following statement:

The mission of the Office of the Sheriff is to protect the peaceful against the violent. To uphold the constitutional safeguards afforded to all. To promote an impartial and efficient organization for everyone regardless of race, age or gender. All while working with the people of Franklin County to secure a safe and just future... One person, one neighborhood, and one community at a time.

Implementing Our Values

It is through the utilization of the seven-pointed star and the mission statement that leaders within the Department have been able to make good sound strategic decisions. These methods have also helped ensure staff members at the command level have been able to properly emphasize the current mission statement to their subordinates and clarify their purposes and objectives without personal agendas or bias standing in the way.